Your Visit

What to expect when you book a consultation

  • To book an appointment with one of our specialists, you may ring or email the office.

  • We would appreciate it if you could provide a referral letter, and any medical records or information that you have.

  • If you have not visited our practice before (or have not done so recently), you will be asked to complete a registration form, preferably before the day of your appointment.

  • Depending on your health insurance company, we are able to gain preapproval for your consultation before the day of the appointment.

  • We may also ask you to fill out some questionnaires about your symptoms beforehand. You may either bring the completed forms with you or, preferably, email them to us prior to your appointment.

What to expect at your consultation

  • On the day, please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. If you are running late - that's OK - but please call the office to let us know.

  • When you arrive, your specialist's secretary will welcome you and ensure that all the relevant information is at hand, ready for your consultation with the specialist.

  • We strive to be on time with appointments, however sometimes your specialist may be running late. We will inform you if your appointment time will be later than planned.

  • An initial consultation usually requires approximately 30 minutes, but this may take onger depending on each individual.

What happens after the consultation?

  • If surgery has been recommended, you will speak with the secretary regarding your preferred dates for surgery. The secretary will help you complete the relevant documents required for surgery, and will help you with communication with your insurance company. If you have any questions about the surgery, or the arrangements for surgery, please do not hesitate to ask, and either your specialist or the secretary will help you.

  • Alternatively, your specialist may recommend a trial of treatment that does not involve surgery. Your specialist will discuss arrangements for further review, and you will be sent a letter about your consultation and your management plan.

  • Sometimes, further tests and investigations are recommended by your specialist, prior to considering any treatment. After you have completed the test or investigation, please let the office know. Your specialist will contact you once the results are available.