Voice Therapy & Swallow Rehabilitation

Jennifer Holmes, Speech-language Therapist, works closely with our specialists, and especially with Dr Vokes, to provide cutting-edge evaluation and treatment for people with voice, upper airway and swallowing disorders.

Jennifer is the Founder of ReVoice Clinic, an expert Speech-language Therapist and Yoga Therapist, and an active member of the New Zealand Speech-language Therapist’s Association.  Jennifer has more than 12 years clinical experience in public and private healthcare in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and has built well-established relationship networks with physicians in the fields of laryngology, head and neck cancer and neurology. Jennifer is an ACC registered provider.

Jennifer has the expertise to deliver a highly effective treatment for people with voice, upper airway disorders, and swallowing disorders.

Who would benefit from Jennifer's expertise?

  • Jennifer is passionate about helping professionals improve their public speaking skills, communication confidence and resilience.
  • Jennifer has lived and breathed the life of a performer and is dedicated to sharing her personal and professional knowledge to help performers to create sustainable, strong voices for life.
  • Jennifer has helped many people achieve life-changing success with ReVoice Clinic’s Gender-diverse Voice and Communication Therapy Method. 
  • For people with swallowing disorders, Jennifer uses her expertise in FEES (Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) and Videofluoroscopy to create a treatment plan to restore swallowing function.

To book an appointment please email: enquire@revoiceclinic.com


Voice Therapy & Swallow Rehabilitation