Patient Information

ENT Associates is a busy practice with four specialists. Following information is intended to help you understand our practice pathways better. There is additional information relevant to various treatments you may be advised by one of our specialists.

What to expect when you book a consultation

If you have not been to our practice in the past and filled out our latest Patient Registration Form, you will be expected to do so to allow us to register your details into our electronic patient management system. It is highly recommended that we get you to fill this form before your arrive at the practice for your consultation.

Our Practice Nurse may also contact you to fill out some questionnaires related to your symptoms beforehand and either bring the completed forms with you or, preferably, email them to us prior to your appointment.

What to expect at your consultation

On the day, the nurse will confirm that we have received all the completed forms. Please ensure that you arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to your appointment time so that this does not eat into your consultation.

A detailed initial consultation requires at least 30 minutes so we strongly recommend you to keep at least an hour aside for the entire visit.

What happens after the consultation?

It is very common for the patient to be referred for further tests and/or trial of some relatively simple treatment options. The practice nurse will give you instructions about the latter as well as expected timeframes regarding the former. We will also discuss arrangements for further review and give you contact details for further communication.

Referral for tests

If your specialist refers you for some tests, he will contact you once the results are available. Often, this takes a week or so from the date of the test. Please bear with us while you wait to hear from your specialist.

Referral to other services

Some patients get referred to the public healthcare system by necessity or by choice. Once the referral letter has been sent to the DHB from our practice, waiting times are not under our control. Often, the best way to find out more about expected waiting times at your DHB is to request your GP to contact the public hospital.

Further information about treatments

How to perform nasal rinsing

Please watch the following video to learn how to use your nasal rinse bottle and solution:

How to fit a jaw advancement splint

Following video shows you how to easily fit your trial jaw splint at home. Call us if there are any problems.

How to do a Home Sleep Test

Following video shows you how to easily perform your sleep test at home. Please call us if there are any problems.